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As a parent it is completely natural to feel lost at times. To grieve for the you that was before kids and wonder who this new version of you is. Everything has changed, you have changed, and while that’s perfectly okay and wonderful in so many ways, it can also be confusing and challenging. It’s easy to get so into raising incredible kids that we forget about our needs. No matter the age of your kids, we all go through transitions and times of what feels like an identity crisis.

What if you could have two words that describe the reason you are here on Earth. Two words that give you permission to do what your heart is begging for. Two words that define your core purpose.

With an incredible coaching tool called Core Process that Nick Heap taught me, in one hour we can dig into where you find your happiness and pull out the two (or three) words that you can take forward as a guide. Your Core Process is both what you can give best to the world and what you need most. You share a time when you were most happy and we explore words within it. Simple process, very valuable outcome.

What is Pay What You Can?

After our session together, I will email you a blank invoice for you then pay what you can. I will be experimenting with this model by offering 6 sessions in this way.

I trust you: I trust that you will pay me no more or less than what you can afford and combine this what you believe is the value of what you have received.

I trust me: I trust my skills and the core process tool and truly believe that I can help you find you.

My core process is Risking Love. Now, every time I am deciding whether to do something, I ask myself if it will help me risk love. If life seems unbalanced I ask if I’m giving and receiving enough of it. It’s like a new lens to look through.
— Mel
Discovering my core process was incredible. To understand that my goals and gifts are Creating Magic was such a gift. It gave me permission to go out and do what I love. I’ve carried this warm flame of purpose inside of me ever since.
— Sarah
My core process (Forging Mountains) is the primary inspiration for the design of my first tattoo. I guess it must have had an impact on me!
— Eric