Happy Family Wales Retreat 3-9th April 2020

Happy Family Wales Retreat 3-9th April 2020


Let’s go spend a week together where the mountains meet the sea in a corner of undiscovered Southern Snowdonia. 3-9th April 2020

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There’s nothing quite like going on holiday with your family and stepping away from the everyday to reconnect with each other. Now imagine doing that in a beautiful seaside, mountainous location, surrounded by a community of other families to join with when you want, and adventure without when you need to.

Eight families are taking base at Pentre Bach Holiday cottages in a tiny Welsh village in south Snowdonia. With unspoilt views of the sea, surrounded by hills, sheep, stonewalls and more, this is honestly one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever been. In fact, it’s where I held my wedding! This beautiful house has a bedroom for each family to take their own space, and plenty of communal space to all be together. It’s the perfect place for a retreat away from the everyday. Together we will explore how adventure and happiness fit in our busy family lives.

With the perfect combination of workshops, self-led adventures in the nearby mountains and beaches, parent only time, kid only time, and unscheduled free time - we expect it to be an incredible experience for all of the family that won’t soon be forgotten. We aim to give you a true community holiday, where we all pitch in, creating that village of support that we all crave. Most importantly, we hope you and all your family will leave feeling more joy than when you arrived. A week with your family exploring, adventuring, learning, growing, connecting and just being together supported by others doing the same.

Who is it for?

  • Families who need to step away from the everyday, keen to spend time together in a beautiful location

  • Families who want to meet other families who value an adventure mindset

  • Families of up to 4 people (please get in touch if you have a bigger family), smaller families welcome

  • New families with babies (cots available) all the way up to those with teenagers. There is something for every age and we will develop our plans based on who is attending

Why is it for you?

Step away from the everyday Perhaps, like most of us, lately you have been feeling stuck in the everyday, following the same old routine and struggling to get the positive energy that you know you and your family need. You want your family to feel joy, to be happier more than not. Sometimes, we just need a bit of time away from the every day to reset ourselves, challenge ourselves, focus on our family, and grow together.

You crave connection and community Finding other families who don’t run away from the word adventure, to trying something new, no matter how small, is pretty difficult to do in our everyday. Here, we’ve done it for you. The simple act of staying in a big house with 7 other families will up the community feeling. Add to that facilitated workshops, and self led adventures and you are likely to leave with hearts full of connection. As humans, we need it, let’s fill ours back up.

You’ve always fancied going on holiday with other families but perhaps have never known who to go with. We’ve got you covered. With the sea view at this property you are sure to feel like you’re on retreat, even if it does rain! We’ve intentionally booked the days when most kids are on Easter Break, so no angry head teachers either.

You want your family to experience more joy together Happiness and joy are contagious. Parents will support each other, kids will play together, and asking for help will be seen as a strength. With everyone’s needs being better met than in our usual everyday life, the smiles are bound to follow. We aim to provide a schedule with enough optional stuff to do together while still having plenty of time to go off and adventure as your own little family too. Reconnect with your kids.

You want less work more holiday Let’s face it ‘holidays’ with your family rarely involve actual time to relax. However, when you have a community to split the work with (cooking, tidying, childcare etc) everything starts to seem a little more manageable and a lot more relaxing. Everyone will have their jobs (including the kids!) because many hands make for lighter work.

What will we do?

We aim to develop a schedule that balances community together time, family together time, and alone time. The actual activities will be designed based on the interests, needs and ages of the families attending.

Come together:

  • Community breakfast and dinners together

  • Community evening activities such as campfires, storytelling, singing, boardgames, etc

  • Workshops designed to get our bodies and brains moving and thinking (eg yoga, meditation, laughter, planning adventures, etc) Exact workshops tbc

Joint adventure time:

  • ideas to go explore teamed up with another family or two

  • challenges like scavenger hunts on the local beach or through the village

Take time with your family:

  • use our jar full of ideas for local family adventures and get out there and enjoy time with your family, without having to do all the planning first (eg walk a hill, skip rocks in the sea, find all the local yarn bombing sites, walk to the playground, hit up the pub, ride on a narrow gauge steam train)

    What is included?

  • 6 nights of Accommodation: A room for your family of up to 4 to sleep for 6 nights

    • Note, we will do our best to accommodate the numbers in your family with beds. However, most rooms have a double bed or 2 single beds so creative sleeping with kids will be needed. You are perfectly allowed to bring a matt and sleeping bag for them should you wish. Let us know if you’d like help to find bedding to bring for the kids. You can see the room layouts here. We are in the main house and Y Popty.

  • Food: Vegetarian/vegan friendly breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the main 5 days as well as dinner on the first night and breakfast on the last morning. We aim to use local produce as much as possible. While we take it in turns to do the cooking, the added stress of deciding what to cook and getting the ingredients ready is taken away from you, with a full kid friendly meal plan and groceries for the week already completed for you.

  • Dedicated time with your family - Allotted times and an adventure jar full of ideas and challenges for you and your family to go connect together locally

  • Meet other families through suggested optional challenges (such as scavenger hunts on the local beach)

  • Evening Community Activity such as a campfire, board game, storytime etc, on site so close to the little ones if they have gone to sleep

  • Morning gentle wake up activities such as yoga and walking

  • Space away from the everyday to connect, be inspired, be supported, feel rejuvenated

The cost

£925 for a full week’s holiday for up to 4 people. That’s only £132 a day for your whole family including food, accommodation and most activities. Or £33/day each for a family of four. Plus it’s in the UK so most of us can drive or train there, saving on our usual airfare costs (and environmental costs!).

We have done our best to give you the best value for money, while meeting our costs. We strongly believe that we are doing just that. Remember, this is a holiday for your family. Perhaps your main one in the year and a super unique one at that! Your ticket pays for your accommodation, food, organisation, and overheads. We have done everything possible to keep the price as low as we reasonably can. If you need to spread the cost over a longer time we can look at that, just get in touch with mel@wearehappyparents.com

For simplicity and to keep the ticket prices reasonable for all, we have created family tickets based on each family in a room. Therefore whether you are a family of 2, 3 or 4 the ticket price stays the same.

We have also created a Pay It Forward ticket, where we hope that community members will pitch in to help enable people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come. If we can collect 1/2 ticket price by Pay It Forward Tickets, we will then create a 1/2 price ticket for someone to attend who otherwise couldn’t have. If by the time we raise the funds there are no spaces left on this retreat, the Pay It Forward fund will open up a lower cost space at a future event.

How do I get there?

Pentre Bach Holiday Cottages are in the beautiful Welsh village of Llwyngwril, at the very southern tip of Snowdonia National Park. You can get there by car through the tiny windy but beautiful roads or there is a train station a 5 minute walk from the house. It’s a tiny station so trains are infrequent. If you do decide to train there please let us know as for some activities nearby we may need to help you get around (eg Narrow gauge train ride in Tywyn). Go here for further directions and to explore the area and house.