Family Laughter Yoga

Family Laughter Yoga

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Charlotte Clark, experienced children's yoga and relaxation instructor and qualified laughter yoga teacher, has offered to run this incredible session for our families. Let's go have a laugh together!

*Note- There will be a fair cost associated with this event to pay for the venue and instructor. Exact amount tbc soon

*Note- Venue will be either near Cambridge or in/near St Albans. We're consulting with you first!

Laughter Yoga is a unique concept where we combine playful laughter exercises with deep breathing to relieve stress, connect with one another and have fun! Scientific studies have proven that our brains cannot differentiate between a genuine smile and a fake one and so even if we don't feel like smiling or laughing, we can still reap so many positive benefits from the practice!

Join us for this Family Laughter Yoga event where we will have some fun with laughter exercises, nonsense games and possibly even a little bit of gibberish! Connecting with the inner child we all have is totally necessary to letting go of the seriousness the world demands from us, and just enjoying life for what it is! Crying and laughing are one and the same and in the same way we feel better after having a good cry (because of the release of emotions), laughing can do the same.

The session ends with a laughter mediation and a relaxation so you can be sure to leave feeling positive, grounded and deeply relaxed.

If we can find the right venue, the 90 minute laughter yoga session will be followed by an informal gathering where parents and children can chat play, and share snacks that they can bring.